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Formerly, Rinoone, Pata is still your one stop service platform where you can FIND EVERYTHING YOU NEED LOCALLY!


The domain will be discontinued from April 30th


Nothing! All your information will be moved directly to the new domain. We will not change or delete any of your information or posts. Your log-in information will remain the same as will all uploaded posts. User information will NOT be passed through any thirdparty websites, companies, consultants or anyone outside of the Pata.Ke team during the change. All services provided on RinoOne will remain the same at Pata.Ke. All terms and conditions, AUP’s and security policies that you agree to on RinoOne will remain the same at


Pata is swahili which means "Find, Get, or Acquire" in English. When we first started RinoOne, we envisioned a “one-size-fits-all” kind of service site that caters to all your wants and needs! As we are trying to help you Find Everything You Need Locally, we thought we might also need to find ourselves a new name, and that is why, in spirit of our site, and to keep ourselves as local as possible, we are now Pata.Ke.

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Tired of searching through numerous listings...

Pata encompasses listings from numerous sources into one platform, bringing everything to you at the click of a button.

This is where we step in:


We are your turning point for success

Providing innovative opportunities to SME’s
Empower individuals to achieve sustainable development
Creating an positive impact on the African job market
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